Benjamin Huber

Interesting special topics from history fascinate me!

A Viennese tourist guide narrates.
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Why Huber?

Versatile interest

I combine facts from all fields of knowledge in one tour – history, culture, art, geography, science. For people who want to know more.


Vienna West

The tour is also interesting for locals, and gives you a complete overview.

Vienna East

Even in the old town there are alleys where you rarely go as a tourist, but which are at least as beautiful and interesting as the better known ones.

Individual - Guide

A good tour is a made-to-measure tour, which I work on with great passion!

The incredible year 1848

This guided tour will introduce you to some of the most important places of the revolutionary year 1848 and will also cover the period before that.

The blue coat from Trattnerhof

When does a crime seem like the only way out?

School classes guided tour

Whether for an overview tour as part of a school excursion or for a tour of a particular museum suitable for children and young people – I will be happy to prepare an appropriate tour for you.

Individual and flexible

I am interested in you! Become a part of the tours instead of just listening to a lecture.

Ich gehe auf Sonderwünsche aller Art gerne ein und arbeite Führungen auch zu ungewöhnlichen Themen aus.